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Contact Defender is committed to consumer advocacy and championing digital solutions that radically improve when and how consumers interact with sales and collection agencies. We created the “National Preference Center”, an online platform, which enables consumers nationwide to take back control of their phone and hold collection agencies accountable to new calling restrictions. Subscribe now and stop harassing phone calls at inconvenient times from debt collectors. 


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You are Not Alone

Studies estimate that almost 80% of Americans are in debt. This does not account for the impact of COVID 19.  For most, it is hard to get ahead and stay ahead these days.  The average consumer is dealing with past due balances and collection calls. Contact Defender understands and can help you take back control.


You Have Rights

As consumers, we have rights! The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is one of the U.S. government agencies that makes sure banks, lenders, and other financial companies treat consumers fairly. Contact Defenders helps you keep track of legislative policy and consumer protection laws.


You Can Take Control

Get instant access to manage your personal contact preferences and reduce harassing or inconvenient debt collection phone calls to both home and mobile devices.  You set the time and day that you want debt collectors to contact you. Reduce stress and improve your ability to get back on track.  

Easy and Effective Defense.

We take care of you so that you can take back control of your phone.

Establish Your Contact Number Preference

Tell Contact Defender which phone number you prefer debt collectors use to reach you. 

• Bothered by calls on your work number?  
• Tired of racking up charges on your cell phone bill? 
• Put yourself in the driver’s seat and make life easier.

Limit When You Are Contacted

Collection Agencies are limited by law to the number of attempted calls they can make to consumers. But who is keeping track?
• Hold them accountable and take advantage of your consumer rights, sign-up for the National Preference Center.
• Control your privacy by designating which days and times are most convenient to receive collection calls.

Control Access to Your Time

Give yourself peace of mind and reduce the stress in your life by controlling when collectors can reach you. 

• Select at least 4 hours a week that are most convenient for you.
• No more embarrassing calls at work or during dinner with the family.
• Find the balance you need. Manage your time and your busy schedule.

Stay Informed

New laws, regulations and consumer policies are enacted each year. 

  • Utilize our resources to keep up to date and educate yourself on recent legislation, important information and tactics to best prepare you to deal with calls from debt collectors.

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